Isaiah 55: Join God’s Rescuing movement

Posted on Jul 18, 2016 in All Sermons & Talks, Sermons | 5 comments

Sermon. The great invitation.


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  1. I listened to John’s Isaiah’s, God’s Rescuing sermon this morning. Fantastic, if late, start to the day. Outside, in our little pop up cafe and shop in Suffolk and under the awning of our great oak tree, people are rescuing each other in at least one sense, they know they need each other and over a cake and coffee rescue each other by conversation, a kind of music. I joined in! Yeah John the grass and trees cry out.

    Congratulations on a super web site I have already found inspiring…. ‘Take no thought of the harvest, but only of proper sowing.’ To nick a line from Eliot’s ‘Choruses from The Rock.’ ”

    • Lovely to hear from you, James. Thx for taking time to send this note. I can imagine the scene. Rescuing conversation as a kind of music. I love that!

      John once told me that the reason the personified metaphors of creation in Scripture have clout is because creation is not totally impersonal material; there is a Person behind it, which makes creation crying out, clapping, shouting, etc. believable. Powerful stuff, man!

  2. The message is dynamite… and John’s delivery… That voice… So effortlessly engaging, so warm. It’s been a long while since I heard him – too long – and I really welcome this initiative. I’ll be spending lots of time here. I once had a cassette of John delivering Genesis Chapter 1 in his inimitable style at Greenbelt (probably about 1980). I wore it out replaying it. I wonder if you’ve got a recording of him doing that, which you might share?

    • Thx for taking time to write, John. “Effortlessly engaging, so warm” — what an apt description of John’s voice! We’re so glad that hearing him again after such a long time has been a real grace to you. It makes this initiative all worthwhile. I suspect there are many other folk “out there” who will say the same as the site gets more well known. Pass the word.

      If I can find John reading Genesis I, I’ll share it. I have heard him read Scripture (long and short passages) countless times. I’ve never heard a better reader. He really put one in to the narrative. It came alive. Listeners to the site will immediately twig to that when he reads even short passages he’s preaching or teaching on.

      Have you heard of the memorial thanksgiving event for John on 20 Aug in Suffolk?

  3. Note that God had determined the program for the deliverance; but his plan determined the means to the end as well–prayer. Prayer is the handmaiden of the eternal plan.

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