Good Marriages Don’t Have To Be Happy

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30 min. When John and his wife, Hannah, lived in the Detroit area, John was teaching and also talking on a weekly radio program. Occasionally John and Hanna were on the radio together talking about their extraordinary marriage and family, which included fostering dozens of kids. One of their topics was “good marriages don’t have to be happy.” The recording of that program is apparently in hiding! If it ever reveals itself, we will air here. The radio program you are about to listen to is a follow-up to that one. As may be imagined, the other one provoked a ton of interest and questions, so a decision was made to interview John and Hannah on the air to talk more about their marriage. The Pecks were known for being able to share with dead honesty insights that could gently disabuse us of idolatrous values and ideas we may have picked up over the years. We think you will find no less than that from the stories and learned lessons they share about they marriage in this radio interview. Here are just two snippets:

Hannah: “We haven’t had spare moments. We’ve always had them filled with somebody else.”

John: “One of the problems is that people see marriage in terms of progress and ambition.”



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