The Message of the Book of Ruth, Part 2

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45 min. This is the second of three special talks by Rev’d John Peck on the book of Ruth, recorded over a three-day period at the Greenbelt Arts Festival. In these talks, John opens up the multidimensional message of the book of Ruth as you’ve never heard it before, and you will find yourself in the presence of someone with an exceptional teaching ministry, not to mention his humor and ability as a storyteller.

In this second of the three talks, John explores the book’s view of politics, government, and law.

[In the first of the three talks, John turned our thoughts to the overlooked dimension of the art of the book of Ruth in relation to its religious context. In the third talk, John opens up the characters’ views of social relations and economics.]



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  1. A very good examination of the artistic nature of the book of Ruth, the way it more or less ignores God explicitly, etc.

    • Thx, Tony. Just to say that your comment refers to the first of the three talks.

      John was the first, and has been the only, preacher I’ve heard who taught that the book of Ruth, not to mention the story of Esther, seems to go out of its way to omit using God language in the narrative. Yet in Ruth, God’s norms for relationships prevail in the beliefs and actions of the characters. And in Esther, God’s will gets done.

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