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Dear Friends,

Is there any particular day of the week when you would like to see John’s talks appearing on the site? I haven’t been putting them up on any particular day. I was wondering if there was any consensus among the followers of the site about a day of the week that would make it easier for you to listen to a talk. It may be irrelevant. I don’t know. Please let me know if you have a preference, or even if it’s to say “it doesn’t matter to me.” Please reply using either the Comments area or my email. (I won’t make any of these Comments public.) We don’t have a lot of followers yet, only a couple dozen, so your vote matters!

Thank you,



  1. Hi Charles – no preference for days; it would be useful as the archive builds, to have a list of links to bible passages preached on, if that’s possible. Although of course i realise that the Search facility will help with this as it is at present. Great work. Keep ’em coming!

    • Thx for the suggestion, John. It’s a good one, but it would consume a whole lot of additional time with each talk to do that. Unlikely I can go there. I do, however, include the Bible reference a title when it’s part of a title. And some of the others, such as the recent 3-part series on Ruth, give it away in the title. So I hope that helps listeners.

      One thing that would really help is if you, and others, could alert people who don’t know about the site to suggest that the start following the site, e.g., via an appealing note to your networks via Facebook, twitter, or even email. heart on sleeve, I’d like to see this site having hundreds start following the site in the next 2-3 years. Currently there are less than a dozen. Sad that John’s talks are so timely and important but so few know.

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