John PeckWelcome to this site, which is dedicated to extending the exceptional teaching ministry of the Revd John Peck to a new generation, and to make his talks available to old friends and students and others who benefited from his unique gifts. If you’ve never heard of John Peck, you’re not alone. Check out this page for an introduction to the man who has been called “the least known best theologian in the world.”

Revd Peck, who died on July 1, 2016 (he was 92), had a distinguished teaching ministry in the UK, and in parts of the US and Europe, that spanned 60+ years. During those many decades he preached countless sermons, taught hundreds of Bible studies, ran hundreds of seminars, and lectured on a wide array of topics. Many of these talks were taped, and we are starting to transfer the ones that were well-recorded to this site, beginning with his sermons.

As the sermons are going up on the site, we will add his Bible studies, seminars, lectures, or other talks into the mix. This is a long-term project, so we don’t know how long it will take to complete.

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The sermons run anywhere from 20-30 minutes, many of them preached at Earl Soham Baptist Church (Suffolk), where John was the minister for twenty-five years.

John had an exceptional grasp of the Bible in relation to culture and a special gift for teaching and preaching, as well as a keen understanding of biblical languages, human nature, Christian life, and the workings of the world. These skills gave him an uncommon ability for discerning whether worldly wisdom or biblical wisdom guides our lives, and for helping us learn how to initiate a shift from the former to the latter. As anyone who has heard John preach or teach will say, you’re not going to get a rehash of what you already know.

John Peck in conversationJohn was always interested in conversations. In that spirit, we invite participation. Just use the Comments area of a particular talk. And to keep current on the additional sermons and talks that go up on the site, enter your email address in the “follow this blog” area.

John never stopped learning. His messages on this site range across the spectrum of life and human interest: from faith and religion, to work and play, to church, family, and education, to the arts and economics, to government and the environment, and much more.

We hope you benefit from John’s wit, wisdom, and approachability. Have a listen and see what you think. It is our prayer that this site contributes to your growth in Christ. If so, do tell a friend or three.

Thank you for stopping by.