The Ten Commandments

Posted on May 21, 2016 in All Sermons & Talks, Sermons | 2 comments

Sermon. Moral direction for laws of the land.


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  1. Sue and I listened to this and the content has not aged at all, though now John might have referred to Daesh and attempts to bring Sharia law into the West. As we are studying the Ten Commandments in our home group (with J John’s study guide) this forms an excellent introduction.

    • Thx Tony. Good to hear from you. I have often found John Peck’s talks timeless. Part of his brilliance. Glad it is speaking into your current study. It is good to use John’s teachings that way. It’s how we hope more folk will avail themselves of this site. Back in August, our pastors wife listened to John talk about Jonah, for her women’s group study. ( And, yes, I take your point about Daesh. I sorely miss not being able to pick up the phone to John.

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